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5 Design Tricks to Increase Value


Are you itching for a new look to your home environment? No, you don’t need to go to design school or spend a lot of money to revamp your home. Just keep in mind the concept that “simple is always good” and you’ll have a swanky new home in no time. Making small but simple changes here and there goes a long way in turning your house from an eye sore to a living haven. When you’re done, you’ll have a totally new feel to your house that your friends, family and you will surely appreciate.

Here are some tips to aid you in the designing of your home:

1. Get rid of all the unnecessary clutter.

Once you throw away all the things that you don’t really need in your house, your home will appear bigger and more spacious. Free space will allow you to move around better in the house, and give you the relief of having less trash in your life. Dedicate some time in going through your stuff and classify them according to what to keep, give away or dump in the trash can.

2. Add color to your home.

Sometimes a one-colored house makes you want to yawn. To add some liveliness to the room, throw in some other colors in the picture. Lamps, curtains and accessories such as paintings, throw pillows and vases are a nice touch to a blank room. Think of your favorite color, or a color that makes you feel calm, and choose an accessory according to that color theme.

3. Play with textures.

Examples of textures to choose from are metals and wood, in terms of fixtures and accessories. You can also choose among the different floor coverings to add some personality in your room such as wood, tiles or a carpet. But don’t go crazy in the variation of textures, remember, simplicity is always good. If you’re looking for a texture change, but not too committed on it, try a painting or a wall décor with a strong texture that is different from everything else in the room.

4. Try adding an antique feature in the room.

To add a little story in your home, place an antique anywhere in your house. People will surely be intrigued by the uniqueness of your choice, and you’ll have a good story to share to your guests. You can choose an antique chair, sculpture, light fixture or a rug. It will add a really good accent to your home.

5. Symmetrical furniture.

Make sure to place your furniture in symmetrical positions to your house. Avoid the feeling of being in a congested household by choosing the correct furniture size and position. The design should not feel forced. Think balance. Also, an important to keep in mind is to not place your furniture directly against the wall. Let it breathe by placing it at least a few inches from the wall. This allows a more airy look to your place.