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Get the most money for your home

How to Sell a House Fast in Any Market

Here are 3 tips to hasten the sale of your home without foregoing profit—in any real estate market.

Those who have experienced trying to sell a house fast know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect buyer—if you do get interested buyers anyway. With each passing day, you hope the right buyer would come, but to no avail, your hope dwindles.

Luckily, there are a number of actions you can take to speed up the sale of your home, without having to reduce the asking price. Below are 6 tips to sell your house as fast as possible, in any real estate market.

How to Sell a House Quickly in Any Market

We all know that real estate markets differ from one place to another. Real estate in Idaho for example is different from San Francisco.

We can see that in most areas in the United States, real estate values have rebounded from the lows back in 2011. The rising price of rent and cheap mortgage rates are making people want to become homeowners in many markets.

So, if you’re thinking about selling your home, now is a good time. But before you open your house to potential buyers, check out these 6 tips to help you sell as quickly as possible—and for the best price possible:

Selling Tip #1: Improve Your Home’s Exterior Appearance

Perhaps the most important moment in selling a house is when your buyer first steps out of the driveway to see your property. His first impression of your home will definitely play a significant role in whether or not he will buy your property.

Take a look at your home from the outside. I mean really look at your home, and examine its shortcomings. Is it appealing and clean, or does it need some maintenance?

After staying in your home for a long time, it can be difficult to be objective when trying to evaluate its condition. So why not heed some advice from a real estate professional, or some friends, or buyers about how to make your home more appealing.

When you are welcoming potential buyers to your home, it is important to maintain your landscaping and your lawn. Not only that, your driveway, exterior porches, and exterior walls must also be clean.

Deciding to invest the time and money to clean up your house will guarantee you more interested buyers. Curb appeal is what piques the buyers’ interest, and it’s what differentiates your home from other homes in the market.

Keep in mind that unless you’re willing to lower the price of your home below market value, potential buyers will not take interest in a house that has a lot of work to be done.

Selling Tip #2: Upgrade Your Home

When upgrading your home it is important to remember that the return on investment, or ROI, on home improvements is almost always not 100%.

For example, your home is now worth $300,000, and you decide to remodel your kitchen for $20,000. A lot of people think that the home is now worth $320,000. That couldn’t be farther away from the truth.

A remodel surely increases some value to your home, but buying a home is like buying a car, if you use it once, it will surely depreciate in value.

While I do recommend making a bit of an upgrade here and there—like improving the kitchen sink faucet or changing an old water heater—I don’t recommend making any major remodels. When you have a severely outdated kitchen or bathroom, you’ll be better off discounting the asking price and letting the buyer choose what to do with it.

Most buyers would make a purchase offer that is a result of receiving a satisfactory report from a certified home inspector. Why? Well, most home lenders require it, and may also require extra inspections (an example is a termite report) depending on the state where you reside.

The take away here is that you should not ignore needed repairs that would mean be a red flag to a home inspector or mortgage company. Examples are an outdated electrical system, a leaky roof, and even minor problems like sticky windows or leaky faucets.

Ignoring repair problems in your home can run the risk of a buyer walking away from a deal. How your contract is worded could determine whether or not your buyer will walk away or require you to complete the necessary repairs within an agreed period of time, before pushing through with the purchase.

Selling Tip #3: Depersonalize Your House

After improving how your home looks, and making the necessary upgrades and repairs, it’s time for you to open the doors of your home for people to see.

However, before you can do that, you need to make sure to depersonalize your home. One way of doing this is to remove family photos, and collectibles, as well as vibrant paint colors. The goal is to let the buyers imagine that they are buying their future home, and not yours.