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House Selling Tips (Ranked By Importance)

How To Sell Your Home - Tips

Selling your home can be a painstaking process if done incorrectly. In an ideal world we wish for fast closing times, top dollar offers, and qualified buyers. Follow these tips to be sure you attract the correct “type” of buyers and sell your home with minimal headaches:

Get A Hard Working Realtor

Blast The Net!

Featuring Home In MLS

Set an Attractive List Price

Staging Your House


Video Walkthrough

Depersonalizing Your Home

Utilize Word-Of-Mouth

 1. Get A Hard Working Realtor

Utilizing a Certified Realtor is still the best way to get top dollar for your property with less headaches. But not all real estate agents were created equally. Make sure you choose an agent that will market your property. With advances in technology, the new wave of Realtors are outperforming their “seasoned” and more traditional colleagues. Times have changed, and so have the tactics of star agents.

 2. Blast The Net!

Majority of home buyers find their future home by browsing the web. Make sure you are everywhere buyers are looking. Getting on some of these may require the help of a real estate agent, but many are free and open to the public. Make sure your real estate agent is proactively trying to sell your property by updating ads/posts regularly.

 3. Featuring Home In MLS

Exposure in the MLS is non comparable to other  tools. The multiple listing service provides you huge visibility to other homebuyers that are ready to buy NOW! Its very easy to get listed. Find a Local Agent that will help you get on the MLS with our Agent finder Tool.

4. Set an Attractive List Price

Setting your list price will either make or break your selling success. List too low and you will be left wondering if you could have gotten more. List too high and you will be frustrated that nobody wants to come see your home. Use our Home Value Calculator Tool to see how much your home is worth. Keep in mind that this tool does not substitute for the professional opinion of a Certified Realtor. Also, read more on how you can Increase The Value Of Your Home.

5. Staging Your House

You have 1 chance to sell potential homebuyers that your house is worth paying for. Staging your house can dramatically increase the amount of showings you get. If you want to sell your home like a pro, appeal to homebuyers emotions. Use smells, colors, and sounds to your advantage. Keep in mind that many staged homes more often sell for list price or above versus un-staged homes.

6. Differentiate

Take this tip with a grain of salt. Differentiation can set you apart from the crowd, but if you take it too far, you will own the “wacky” house on the block. Do some research on other homes for sale in your neighborhood and see if you can differentiate your home. Give them a reason to come to your home, versus the guy down the street.

7. Video Walkthrough

We are in the age of video! Create a video walkthrough showcasing your property to give extra depth to your regular pictures. Every home has pictures, but how many have you seen that have video? Make sure you pick a real estate agent that knows how to take captivating photo/video and will showcase your home as a piece of art.

8. Depersonalizing Your Home

After you stage your home, make sure to take down anything too “personal” about your life and family. This includes pictures, personal documents, kids drawings. This tip involves the psychology behind buying a home. If a home buyer doesn’t see any personal items of the previous owner, it is easier to see themselves living there in the future.

9. Utilize Word-Of-Mouth

It doesn’t hurt to let your friends & neighbors know that you will be putting your home for sale. People know people and you may be surprised on how things fall together.

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